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Valens Group is the whole sale division and parent company that has made BRA SPECTRUM possible.

Valens Group was founded in 2013 by Tatyana.

Lingerie is a lifelong passion of Bra Spectrum's owner Tatyana. She found herself becoming more and more frustrated by the ambiguous manufacturing of women's lingerie. She decided to dedicate herself to selling bras that are as safe, comfortable, and affordable as possible and to make this accessible to every woman.


She has been branding at CURVE New York (largest national lingerie show | 350 global manufactures) for three years and has boutique clients from New York to Melbourne Australia.  

Thanks to Valens Group Bra Spectrum offers 20,000 items in an assortment of sizes - including larger sizes (AA to K | 32 to 52) to meet the needs of the plus size market (63% of the US market is plus size) and sizes and fashion for teen age daughters.

Romance is a part of Bra Spectrum's portrait.  Bra Spectrum advocates that romance is really more about a style of living than it is about sensuality.  It is like keeping beautiful orchids in your home - and how that adds an uplifting, romantic touch.


Bra Spectrum is about helping women look better and feel better - to give them confidence - which makes a vast difference in all parts of their lives.


Aurora Social Rehabilitation Services is a community non-profit organization serving adults with mental illness and or intellectual and developmental disabilities in Central Pennsylvania. Aurora facilitates recovery among those served with opportunities for empowerment and self- direction through life skill training, educational programs and social activities.

Tatyana expresses her passion for both fine art and supporting those with disabilities by donating art to Aurora Social Rehabilitation services, yearly.

We hope you will get to know this wonderful organization, and support the important work that they are doing.

Aurora Social Rehabilitation Services
401 Division Street
Harrisburg, PA

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