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We believe in our daydreams

Founded in 1895 by a roofer named Franz Faulke-Rohen.

Faulke-Rohen worked as a knitter in the winter months.

Faulke soon was able to open a knitting mill.

His eldest son, an umbrella manufacturer, joined the company and Faulke began to expand, absorbing several yarn mills and a sock factory.

Faulke was able to survive both World Wars and continued manufacturing throughout.

Today the company continues to expand their reach and offerings.

Faulke has this to say about it's style:

"The FALKE scenery is populated by indefatigable globetrotters, stubborn individualists, polyglot adventurers, fanatic perfectionists, sensitive intellectuals and pretentious aesthetes. Their style of living and dressing reflects a good deal of self-confidence. We enjoy their company. Those are the ones we have in mind in search for the ideal shape and the best handmade quality. Our equal spirited friends expect a perfect translation of their aesthetic concept of modern outfits. We make men suits, bodies, hosiery and socks. Their design and matching harmony of fabrics and color guide our common taste to reality. Therefore no daydreams."

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