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Sermija retro collection front closure bra

Our firm was founded in 1994.. All these years we have worked hard and tried to create the most comfortable bra for everyday wear. Our priority has always been a comfort ... Comfort and quality - the most important targets for the production of bras because these concepts one without the other are meaningless.

Imagine yourself with very beautiful and fashionable shoes that are rubbing and are too small for your feets, they are just bulky. You will feel an indescribable relief when you take them off in the evening. We wonder if the next morning you will be tempted to put on the beautiful shoes once again. This is especially true for underwear, because unlike shoes which can be seen by the others (and the woman is ready to endure a lot of things due to her image), lingerie cannot be seen by anyone (well, almost anyone). If it is uncomfortable, fascinated glimpses will not compensate the inconvenience. And, of course, dissatisfaction will be even greater.
We were looking for the best price and quality ratio. The phrase I am not so rich that I would be buying cheap items - has never been greater.


Unfortunately, expensive these days does not not always mean that it is of good quality. Functionality and feeling of well being is also important to us. Of course,we always try to make our products beautiful and elegant, but at the same time we try to keep them comfortable. Good quality underwear will always bring attractiveness and a sense of exclusivity. Even if they cannot be seen, you will still feel confident and prepared for any turn of life...

M. J. Firm Sermija

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