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LOGO of Lise Charmel company

A signature of luxury lingerie, LISE CHARMEL. A singular story in an exceptional expertise made craft, innovation and art.

LISE CHARMEL has become the standard of couture throughout the world French lingerie.

Born in Lyon, the silk capital, the brand enjoys an international reputation for creating exquisite designs and colors in satin, silk, guipure embroideries and Calais lace. With its spirit of haute couture, Lise Charmel has become a by-word for luxury French lingerie thoughout the world.


The company LISE CHARMEL was born in the 50s, and was revived in 1975 by Mr. Jacques DAUMAL. He revitalized the brand with fashion and trends, a constant focus on innovation and the integration of advanced technologies in lingerie.

LISE CHARMEL developed creations in Corsetry, Lingerie, Swimwear, with a strong identity and a constant renewal. Following the way of custom-made corsets, the Lyon House has kept first in its concerns, the passion for the craft, savoir-faire and excellence in the conquest of high-end and luxury .

With inspiration driven by references to art, mainly from French and Italian finest references, the brand has created original design, shapes, and colors, giving the brand a singular identity, highly esteemed wordwide.

Today Lise Charmel positions itself as a group comprised of 5 brand names: LISE CHARMEL, EPRISE, EPURE, ANTINEA and ANTIGEL.

Lise Charmel takes great value of their products, a original set of beauty for a feminine, elegant woman. These values enable the brand LISE CHARMEL to enjoy a leading position in the world of ladies underwear.


Lise Charmel blue bra
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