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The company CALZIFICIO NUOVA VIRGILIANA SPA, was founded in 1985 by the Bandioli's family.

An high quality production of lady and children tights, leggings, stay-ups, over-knees, knee-highs and ankle socks characterizes Calzificio Nuova Virgiliana; not only classic items, but also special ones, with noble fibres: silk, wool (also cashmere) and cotton, with the addition of elastane for a perfect fit.

Calzificio Nuova Virgiliana is, for his Customers, a Company planning ahead in research, market trends and production,

Calzificio Nuova Virgiliana's Staff, to be able to offer new product to his Customers, is constantly looking at the latest novelties. We have all the productions steps internally, from weaving to packing, through sewing, boarding, dyeing and drying. For this reason we can easily follow the production at all stages and we can guarantee to our Customers that all our products are completely Made in Italy.

Calzificio Nuova Virgiliana is also extremely sensitive about all the environment matters, in fact our supplier of chemical products comply with the last REACHregulation.

In addition with this, 

From nineties Calzificio Nuova Virgiliana is on the market with his brand TRASPARENZE, which, every year since then, has been more and more appreciated, by his Customers who are careful to the quality of the products and to the latest fashion trends, divided in two fashion collections every year: Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter.

Persefone Bodysuit
Efesto Panty
Eos Mask
Selene Panty
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