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Did you know most women are wearing the wrong bra size?

Here at BRA SPECTRUM, we offer free fittings for all of our guests.

Call or book an appointment online or walk in anytime.

Let us help you find your perfect fit.

Having a fashion emergency?

Call us at 732-829-5462

Please use for emergencies only

All of Bra Spectrum's merchandise must meet four criteria: It should fit well, wear well, look good and feel great.

Fitting for women's foundations is not just about numbers and measurements - it is about geometry and engineering as well. We desire to fit our clients with a style that is well-cut for their body type because it will stay in place better.
Undergarments have often been called foundations throughout history because they really are the building blocks for a wardrobe. You can put a cheap T-shirt over a great bra, and it's going to look like a higher quality shirt. If you put an expensive shirt over a cheap or ill-fitting bra, it will never do the garment justice.
When considering the design of the lingerie, we select the most flattering collections that will deliver on fit while being occasion appropriate.

Today, plus size lingerie is available from Bra Spectrum in all the choicest styles, colors and fabrics. Full figured women enjoy sensuous garments and need special undergarments as much as other women do, and the manufactures that we represent and their designers more than meet their needs with beautiful, elegant, form fitting plus size lingerie options. 

The collections reflect elegance with a hint of flair. The bras and panties are well designed with support to accentuate plus size women's attributes and at the same time, tuck, and hides areas that need not to be noticed.


                                              "Wearing just a little something can be sexier than wearing nothing at all."


Corin Lingerie offers a video in depth look at the research and technology that goes into every one of their Perfect Bras.

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