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The company was born in Modena in 1961 when Mrs. Manicardi, after moderate experience in women’s underwear pattern design, decided to establish the company with her husband Sergio. The first line was met with real success which triggered the building out of the Manicardi’s first factory.

During the fourth quarter of 1970 Manicardi developed a new line that delivered the creation of the first coordinated with elastic bra and this design triggered Manicardi supplying  some of Italy’s biggest stores like "Galleries La Fayette", "La Rinascente" and "Coin".

In the mid-1980 the two sons joined the company and the exportation of product outside of Europe began.  The original line "Magic Form" experienced a metamorphous and transformed to “Leilieve".

In 2000 Manicardi’s nine years of year over year growth created the demand and funding for the companies new factory; where the family team employed the best technological innovations and combined with fifty years of experience to create their entirely "designed and made in ITALY" collections.

Manicardi’s products are for modern and dynamic women vigilant to new trends, women who look for comfort and selected fabrics, innovative materials, careful design and perfect fit.

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