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"Fit My Bras" By Ali Cudby

We have recently received a very interesting book entitled "Fit My Bras: How to Find Your Perfect Bra and Why it Matters" by Ali Cudby. This book is a great guide to bra fitting, different types of bras, the best bras for your shape and more! We wanted to highlight some interesting information we learned in Ali's book and share it with you!

One of the chapters in Ali's book is called The Fit My Bras checklist!

I found Ali's checklist to be very interesting and her checklist includes many of the same techniques we use here at Bra Spectrum to achieve a perfect fit!

The band of the bra should be straight across your back, if the band is riding up then it is too big for you. However, it should be snug but not too tight.

The cups of the bra should hold all breast tissue without anything "spilling" over or under the bottom of the bra. Ensuring ALL breast tissue is in the bra is as simple as bending over when putting the bra on and placing your hand inside the cups and bringing all tissue from the back to the front. This also helps eliminate side bulges!

At Bra Spectrum we encourage putting your shirt back on when trying out the bra to make sure you like the look of the bra under your clothing.

Once you have checked off all of the above criteria you are ready to purchase your bra! If you love a certain bra you can purchase in different colors so that you have a bra to wear under any color shirt!

A properly fitting bra can give you so much added confidence knowing you look great and won't have to worry about fidgeting with your bra throughout the day! It will be comfortable from the moment you put it on until you take it off at night! Stop into the Bra Spectrum for a FREE fitting today and pick up Ali Cudby's book "Fit My Bras" for even more in depth information!

Happy bra shopping!

-Bra Spectrum

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