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Corin: Sales Rise Driven By Innovation

Corin, the innovative Polish bra brand, reported an 18.18% increase in sales in the twelve months ending June 30, 2023. The privately held firm exports more than half of its products to North America, Europe and other parts of the world.

According to the Corin, much of its recent growth was driven by its ongoing work on developing healthier and more comfortable bras that evenly distribute pressure across all areas of the breast, chest and back. This helps to avoid the problems that could come with a bra that is too tight in places, such as lymphatic drainage disorders, edema or inflammation, Corin reported in a video.

The development of an optimal bra shape, which employed, among other tools, thermal imaging cameras and special computer systems, came in part during an 18 month research project in partnership with the Technical University of Lodz and the Polish Mother Memorial Hospital. Thereafter the bras were tested by women of all ages and sizes and body types.

In addition to seeking to produce the most healthy and comfortable bras possible, Corin has “alway made bra with the highest quality fabrics, tulle, laces and embroidery,” according to a spokesperson. The “design and manufacturing techniques are based on modern technological research and French traditions to create bra designs that provide good support, comfort and stylish looks, available in band sizes from 28 to 44 and cups B to J.” To complement the bras, panties are offered in sizes up to XXL. “At the heart of it, designer and co-founder and owner Barbara Hanczka carefully monitors the aesthetics and uniqueness of each style in the Corin collection.”

The Gisele bra, model 30725, is one of the most recent additions to the Corin collection. “The cups in this molded bra are made using modern technology, thanks to which the bra becomes imperceptible and perfectly adapts to the shape of the breast. It is light, has an excellent supporting properties and is pleasant to the touch.”

The company explained that “innovative seamless soft technology cups are made of stable molded embroidery, ensuring optimal breast support and aesthetic enhancement.” The design is especially beneficial for women with larger breasts who require a particularly stable and supportive design. “The development of this bra type was possible thanks to many months of work by the Corin research and development department and support from European Union funds.” The superiority of the Gisele bra was “confirmed by the opinion on innovation obtained by the Polish National Scientific and Technical Association.”


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