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We Are Happy to Introduce Ewa Bien!

Ewa Bien is a Polish lingerie and underwear company that has been focused on women’s needs for 30 years. Their mission is to provide women with comfortable, environmentally friendly underwear that accentuates the wearer’s beauty, class, and style. Ewa Bien has proven itself to be an ingenious, thoughtful company that invests as much in quality and construction as it does in aesthetics. For over 16 of the 30 years that Ewa Bien has been in operation, they have presented and sold in international markets.

Ewa Bien offers a wide range of models to meet the preferences of every customer. For example, Ewa Bien designs lingerie in styles like soft underwired, soft balconette, plunge, push-up, semi-padded, and fully padded balconette bras. Their sizing aims to include women of all body types with a chest band range of 30 to 42 and cup sizes A through M. Their styles vary from sensual and sexy to classic and whimsical. In addition to bras, they also offer briefs, thongs, Brazilian briefs, garter belts, and bodysuits.

The autumn – winter 2020-21 collection consists of eleven lines and focuses on creating elegant looks with sophisticated lines.

This year’s lines draw ideas from two concepts. One is inspired by nature and features many earth tones, as well as blues, greens, and animal prints. The other concept is holiday festival time. It includes styles in black and some bright and joyful colors that are sure to get anyone into the holiday spirit!

Ewa Bien is a trailblazer in the sustainable clothing. Fast fashion has become a significant source of pollution across the world. But both Ewa Bien and Valen’s Lingerie, Ewa Bien’s wholesale distributor in the United States, are taking extra care to produce and sell products that combat this problem, while still providing fashionable, comfortable clothing.

Their Diamond line features intricate green embroidery made from environmentally friendly yarn sourced from recycled plastic bottles. Ewa Bien first utilized this fabric to present the Diamond line in autumn/winter 2019 and spring/summer 2020 collections. This line has become Ewa Bien’s highest volume /best-selling line. The embroidery used in the Diamond line even has a global recycled standard certificate.

Production of Ewa Bien products takes place in Poland, but they use the highest quality textiles from all over the world. Ewa Bien uses lace, embroidery, and tulle from Italy, Spain, and Switzerland.

You can be sure that whatever your style, whatever your size, and whatever occasion for which you are shopping, you will be able to find a piece that speaks to you!

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